Joseph Byrne MSCSI MRICS

Chartered Surveyor

With over 30 years continuous practice in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Sector, Joe has gathered a wealth of varied surveying experience and is focussed on delivering the optimal solution for each project, regardless of type, scale or complexity.

About Joe Byrne

Graduating initially from WIT in 1989 with a National Diploma in Construction Studies, and again in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology, Joe was elected a Professional Member of the Geomatics division of both The Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2015.

With over 30 years continuous practice of surveying in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Sector, Joe has gathered a wealth of varied survey experience and is focussed on delivering the optimal solution for each project, regardless of type, scale or complexity.


We employ both traditional and up to the minute modern measurement technologies to deliver reliable and accurate survey data to a range of professions and industries including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Land and Building Surveying, Real Estate and Legal, Archaeology and Built Environment Conservation.

Property and Real Estate

Legal Mapping for Property Registration purposes, including

  • Land Registry Compliant Maps / Subdivisions / Multistorey Registration Mapping /Scheme Maps for Developments
  • Declarations of Identity
  • Boundary Verification & Boundary Marking

Architecture and Engineering Surveys

  • Site Surveys for Planning Applications for all scales of Development
  • Site Contours and Site Sections
  • 3D Ground Models
  • Measured Building Surveys –
    Detailed Plans, Elevations and Sections to allow  conservation, repair, maintenance, improvement or  extension of existing buildings – all types, all sizes.
  • Façade Surveys
  • Streetscapes / Street Elevations
  • As Built Surveys for record purposes for construction developments
  • As Installed drawings for services within buildings
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Quarrying / Sandpit Surveys / Volumes
  • Digitisation / verification of traditional and paper based drawings


Construction Surveys

  • Setting Out
  • As Built Drawings – Plans, Sections and Elevations of Completed Building Projects
  • As Installed Drawings – Record Drawings of Services Installations


Archaeological / Built Heritage Surveys

We offer surveying services to Archaeologists and Built Heritage Consultants in the following areas

  • Establishment of coordinated grids for archaeological excavation
  • Live geolocation of artefacts during excavations to align with Map Coordinates
  • Non-Intrusive Measured Surveys and Photographic Surveys  of Protected Structures
  • Specialised Photogrammetry and rectified photography

Additional Services

To supplement our own extensive range of survey services, we partner with our specialised consultant colleagues to provide reliable survey data in other disciplines, including  Underground Utility Surveys, Aerial Surveys and Inspections, 3D Laser and LIDAR Scanning and Virtual Tours.

To ensure consistent quality and alignment of data formats across all of our survey deliverables, we design the survey brief for all of our external consultants to suit our clients information requirements, and quality check all data prior to final issue.

Legal and Property Mapping

Property Mapping can be complex and problematic if not given expert professional attention. Legal mapping usually only comes under scrutiny when a property is about to change hands.

Registration of all property with the Property Registration Authority of Ireland is compulsory at any change of ownership, and certain standards and conditions are laid down for the acceptance of maps for registration purposes.

We prepare high quality mapping, completed in accordance with Property Registration Authority of Ireland specifications for all types of property including agricultural land, residential properties, housing developments, apartments and commercial units.

We can assist in cases where anomalies or errors need to be examined and corrected on current legal mapping.

We can also provide expert technical information in terms of boundary queries and disputes in conjunction with your legal advisors.

If you have a property being prepared for sale, or a query in relation to your current Property Registration Authority Map or your property boundaries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to discuss it with you.

Simply fill out our contact form here and provide us with the simple details requested, and we will contact you to discuss.

Recent Projects

Below are sample plans of some of our recent projects.

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